Team member in the spotlight:  Justin Bernstein

  • Team member in the spotlight

    In this series we’re spotlighting a different MWM team member each month, so you can get to know the team a little better. Say hello to Accountant, Justin Bernstein.

    “The aspect I love most about MWM is the ambition and direction we are heading. We are incredibly innovative in our approach and are constantly looking at ways to add value to our clients’ businesses.”

    Tell us a bit about your role…

    In my role as an accountant at MWM, I am part of team with a designated set of clients.

    They represent a broad range of industries and have many different needs, so our day to day tasks are never the same.

    Some of the regular tasks for our team include – tax compliance and planning, management accounting, finance applications, but here at MWM we offer so much more.

    Why did you become an accountant?

    My Dad is an accountant and I was always interested to learn about what he was doing. I also enjoyed the lifestyle that came with it.

    One day I plan to be running my own business, so I thought working in public practice accounting and dealing with many different clients from a diverse range of industries would be a good place to enhance and develop my skills, and it is.

    What inspires you?

    There’s no one person or thing that inspires me. I just strive to be better today than I was yesterday, in all aspects of life, whether it be work, sport or family related. 

    If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be and why?

    I love the USA. My favourite city is New York. I love the atmosphere of the big city and there’s so much to explore there. 

    If you could choose one person as a mentor, who would it be?

    Gregg Popovich – the coach of the San Antonio Spurs, as he is arguably one the greatest basketball coaches of all time and thanks to him, they have been one of the most successful teams in history.

    He has a unique ability to make every single player on his team to perform better and get the players to ‘buy in’ to what the club is trying to do.

    I would really love to know his secrets to player development and success.

    What do you enjoy the most about working at MWM?

     I really like the people. We have a great team here at MWM and the vibe in the office is energetic and positive.

    What advice would you give new entrants into your field of work?

    Make sure you ask lots of questions. In fact, question everything!

    It is better to understand the basics early on than to play catch up down the line and you definitely have to be prepared to work hard and enjoy what you do.

  • Posted On: March 25, 2019