Team member in the Spotlight – Justin Bernstein

  • In this series we’re spotlighting a different MWM team member each month, so you can get to know the team a little better.

    Say hello to Accountant, Justin Bernstein

    “The aspect I love most about MWM is the ambition and direction we are heading. We are incredibly innovative in our approach and are constantly looking at ways to add value to our clients’ businesses.”

    Tell us a bit about your role…

    As an accountant at MWM Advisory my role consists mostly of business advisory and compliance work for my clients. The work is detail focused and quite challenging, and every day is different as we work closely with various clients across a diverse range of industries.

    Are accountants misunderstood?

    Yeah, I think so. I feel accountants are more agile than they are portrayed and have had to adapt and evolve in a rapidly changing industry. Ultimately, our role is to support clients with their business and taxation challenges and really help them to understand the numbers in order to meet their goals and aspirations for a better quality of life.

    What is the most challenging aspect of your job? 

    My greatest challenge is in better understanding the pain points for my clients in managing their finances and trying to remove them. Each client has different wants and needs that affect their financial circumstances, so no two challenges are the same and there is no one size fits all solution. It’s just really important for me to get to know the client, plus listen and learn what they are trying to achieve, so that I can assist to get the best outcomes for them. 

    What inspires you outside of the office?

    Outside the office, I live a laid-back lifestyle. I enjoy playing and watching sport, catching up with my friends and family, and exploring new places.

    What do you enjoy the most about working at MWM?

     The benefits of working here at MWM are that we have such as great team and the positive culture that has been developed around that. I also feel that we are a more progressive firm, with a responsive, commercial approach to our work which really sets us apart from the competition.

    What book/tv show/album are you reading/watching/listening to at the moment and why do you like it?

    I’m currently watching The Office (US version). Steve Carrell is hilarious in the lead role and working in an office as we do, it’s funny how relatable some things can be.


  • Posted On: January 27, 2021