Spotlight team member: Mitch Calley

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    In this series we’re spotlighting a different MWM team member each month, so you can get to know the team a little better. Say hello to Accountant, Mitch Calley.

    Mitch Calley (large)“It is an exciting time to be part of the team at MWM Advisory. With a great group of people, each with a vast range of skills and knowledge, we strive to provide a service to our clients that is unlike any other accounting firm. We aim to surpass our clients’ expectations and add value to their businesses.”

    Tell us a bit about your role…

    The role of an Accountant here at MWM is really varied and includes helping clients with a wide range of tasks. These include tax compliance and planning, management accounting (such as budgeting, cash flow forecasting and finance applications), lease negotiations, license applications and everything in between.

    Every day is different and there are always new challenges to tackle, which keeps things exciting for me.

    Why did you become an accountant?

    I chose accounting because I enjoy the business environment and establishing relationships with clients.

    As an accountant, I am able to help our clients in all aspects of their business, which is really satisfying and makes me want to keep improving and providing a bigger and better service each and every time.

    I really enjoy building relationships with our clients, developing industry networks and working with everyone in the team here at MWM. 

    What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

    There are always challenges in the accounting space, whether it is the ongoing changes in tax legislation that we need to keep up-to-date with, or the endless supply of new business software being released.

    As accountants, we support business owners to run their businesses, so we also need to be across the latest news and developments that affect our clients’ industries as well as our own. So, it is important that we are always learning and developing our knowledge and skills in order to provide a better end product for our clients.

    If you could choose one person as a mentor, who would it be?

    It’s hard to pick one person in particular as I am always trying to learn from everyone I come across, whether it is someone here at MWM, friends and family, or someone that I read about or follow online.

    Everyone has different skills and abilities that I can use that help me become a better accountant and a better person.

    What advice would you give new entrants into your field of work?

    I believe that you never stop learning and the ability to keep an open mind will allow you to acquire more knowledge and develop your skills to grow as accountant.

    Hard work, dedication and a positive attitude never go astray when trying to achieve anything in this world… and make sure to have some fun along the way!

    What do you enjoy the most about working at MWM?

    We have a great team here at MWM who, with the assistance of the leadership team, are always working towards providing the best advisory and accounting services to our clients.

    We just had our annual planning day and are all pretty excited about the future of our firm and our place in the industry, as there are big things in the pipeline at MWM. So, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our clients and our firm.

  • Posted On: October 16, 2018