Specialised Industries

MWM Advisory offers a wide range of experience in providing effective support across a number of specialised industries and is committed to seeing our clients meet the challenges of their chosen industry and succeed in developing their business.


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With a team of more than 20 based in our Gold Coast office, we can offer you the right mix of expertise and knowledge to maximise your business capabilities across Gold Coast, Southeast Queensland, national and international markets.

Management Rights

Management Rights is a complex and demanding industry that requires the specialist advice and support of professionals with knowledge and experience of the unique pressures and requirements.

MWM Advisory understand the issues and needs relating to management rights operators and can provide the most beneficial professional support to management rights operators to help you grow your business.

At MWM Advisory you are in good hands as we have a team of experienced professionals with in depth knowledge of the industry and the related issues within management rights, plus a broad network of contacts across specialised industries, including financial institutions, insurers, legal practices and other professions.

As a client of MWM Advisory, you will be assigned specific team members with a knowledge of the industry, which is fundamental to your success, whether you are entering the management rights business for the first time or are a more experienced owner operator aiming to improve the structure of your business interests.

  • Our services

    MWM Advisory can provide a broad range of services and advice for our management rights clients including: accounting, taxation and trust account audits, exit strategies and retirement planning, settlement procedures, acquisition and financial due diligence reports, business structuring for asset protection and tax minimisation, sale of business vendor statements.

    Our experience includes providing services to management rights operators in all areas of the industry including permanent complexes, holiday apartments, and multi-complex corporates.

  • Protecting your business

    It is extremely important that you structure your business suitably when operating a management rights business, especially due to the complex tax legislation and the increasingly litigious nature of our community.

    MWM Advisory is committed to providing clear advice on business structuring that is relevant to your circumstances and ensuringmaximum asset protection, with minimum exposure to personal liability and the most efficient tax outcome.

    We understand the importance of planning and budgeting for your tax and other liabilities and are able to assist management rights operators to plan for your budgeting and cash flow needs.





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Child care facilities

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Aged care and retirement

Health and Fitness Services (Crossfit Gyms, Yoga/Pilates, Personal Trainers)

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