Tax Planning Service

Do you want to minimise your tax? | MWM AdvisoryDo you want to minimise your tax?

To quote Kerry Packer’s infamous maxim: “If anybody in this country doesn’t minimise their tax, they want their heads read”.

If you want to minimise your tax, then there’s only a small window each year to do it before 30 June. After 30 June there are fewer opportunities to minimise your tax obligation.

To ensure you minimise your tax, we’ve developed the MWM Advisory Pre 30 June Tax Planning Service, where we work with you to reduce your tax obligation.



Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 2.24.37 pmWhat are the 6 steps to minimise your tax?

  1. Prepare financial accounts as of 31 March – We’ll review and check your data and accounting software as of 31 March and prepare an accurate profit and loss account and income position.
  2. Estimate profit and income position as of 30 June – We’ll then extrapolate that data and forecast your profit and loss and income position as of 30 June.
  3. Calculate your tax liability as of 30 June – Before looking at strategies to reduce your tax, we’ll calculate an estimate of what your tax liability position would be on 30 June.
  4. Identify tax minimisation strategies – We’ll complete a detailed review of your situation and identify strategies to reduce your tax liability.
  5. Calculate the potential tax saved on each strategy – We’ll calculate exactly how much tax you could save on each strategy and the difference it would make to your payments.
  6. Review strategies and decide on implementation – We’ll go through the possible strategies and decide which strategies to use.


To find out more or to book your Pre 30 June Tax Planning Service call 07 5596 9070.