Our clients are…


Start with the end in mind

When you start a new business, there’s a lot to think about and even more to get done. You need an advisor that’s going to give you the bandwidth to stay focused on what you’re good at, and the confidence to know that the things you’re not, or simply don’t have time for, get done.

It’s simple things like making sure your customers pay on time, your suppliers get paid, and having the right systems in place to keep track.

But it’s far more than that. At MWM we’re big on starting with the end in mind. And we’ll help you paint the picture of where you want to be, and work with you to get the foundations right, and then put the building blocks in place to get you there.

Growing companies

Where experience counts

Revenue is rising and you need to scale up. It’s exciting but there’s uncertainty.

You need to hire good people, but when’s the right time, and where do you find them? You need a new machine, but you’ve run out of space. Growth is great, but you don’t know what you don’t know, and you’re not sure how you’re going to fund it.

Every business is different, but the challenges of growth are the same. At MWM we’re connected with our clients and their journeys. We share in their challenges and success, and we have a wealth of experience and advice that we can bring to the table to help you on your journey from start up to mature enterprise.

Large enterprises

A strategic approach to unlocking value

While a bit of luck along the way never goes astray, business is not a game of chance. Playing the big game requires a combination of leadership, skill, hard work and perseverance. At MWM we understand that.

We also understand there are aspects of being a large enterprise that can seem onerous and complex. Legacy issues or disparate stakeholders can cloud the ‘why’ of your business. Succession planning, and how to extract value from your business come more clearly into focus. You want a clear understanding of value models, and an execution plan to best position your enterprise for when opportunity knocks.

High net worth groups

Protect your Legacy

You’ve spent a great deal of time and energy accumulating assets and building your legacy. While protecting it is front and centre, transition of ownership shouldn’t be the elephant in the room. MWM understands the importance of having a plan that deals with the structure of asset ownership, taxation and optimising your net investment returns.

We’re not about creating unnecessary financial administration or compliance. For us, as it is for you, it’s about preserving your lifestyle and giving you and the important people in your life, peace of mind about the future.

Self-managed super

Maximise your peace of mind

A self-managed super fund (SMSF) can be a great way to provide for and manage your wealth generation and income in retirement, although the term ‘self-managed’ can be a bit of a misnomer! The superannuation environment is complex and getting expert management and administration of your SMSF is vital.

Our team of SMSF professionals are leaders in their fields and because we specialize in SMSF’s and their administration, you can be confident that we’ll pay attention to the detail, so you don’t have to, ensuring you receive timely advice and guidance, and that your SMSF is compliant and up to date.

SMSF administration

For Financial Planners and Investment Advisors

If you’re a Financial Planner or Investment Advisor, MWM can offer a full service SMSF Administration solution for you and your SMSF clients.

Our administration services include

  • SMSF establishment and documentation
  • LRBA documentation
  • Technical advice
  • Annual reporting and facilitation of audit
  • Portfolio reporting
  • Prepare and lodge annual income tax return
  • GST management
  • Online access
  • Monitoring SMSF compliance with ATO
  • Maintain ASIC compliance