How to use the logbook in the MWM app

  • How to use the logbook in the MWM app | MWM Advisory

    Did you know the MWM app has a built in logbook?

    Accessing and using the logbook is easy. On the home page of the app there will be an icon named ‘Logbook’. Tap this icon to open the logbook section of the app.


    To start recording a trip, simply click the green ‘start trip’ icon on the page. The app will now begin to record your mileage.

    You can exit the app and use the phone as normal and it will continue to track your journey in the background.

    The end recording a trip, simply click the red ‘end trip’ icon.

    Once you click that icon the journey data will automatically be stored.



    Exporting trips

    Now that your trip data is stored, you can review the data to delete or email individual trips. You can also export all trips.

    To export all trips, click the ‘export all trips’ icon and select the date range you would like to see.

    Then you will receive the trip data you have selected in an email for your use.


    Deleting trips

    To delete, simply press the ‘delete all trips’ icon and confirm that you wish to delete all trips.

    Once you have confirmed this, the app will notify you that it has deleted all your trips successfully.


    If you haven’t yet got the app, click here to download for iPhone and click here to download for Android.

  • Posted On: May 4, 2017