How to use Receipt Manager in the MWM app

  • Did you know you can manage your receipts in our app?

    Accessing and using the Receipt Manager is easy.

    On your home page there will be an icon named ‘Receipt Manager’. Tap this icon to open the ‘Receipt Manager’ section of the app and begin using this tool.


    Entering a receipt

    The first step to receipt management is having a receipt.

    In the Receipt Manager section click the ‘Photograph a Receipt’ icon to open your device camera.


    Take a picture of your receipt that is clear enough to use for future reference, then enter an appropriate name for the receipt as well as the total cost of the item(s) on the receipt.

    You can also enter whether the item(s) was paid for by yourself or your company as well as any notes you may want to add about the receipt.


    Managing a receipt

    To manage a receipt you have recorded, click ‘Manage Receipts’ in the Receipt Manager section, then select the category your receipt is in e.g. Travel Expenses or Advertising & Marketing.

    Within the category select your receipt and you can view the details that you entered previously. You can also choose to email the details to your accountant, export the data as a CSV, or delete the receipt.

    Exporting receipts

    Exporting receipts is a very simple process, you click the ‘Export all Receipts’ icon in the Receipt Manager section.

    Next you select the range of dates which the App exports all the data of receipts from, once this is chosen the data is sent to you via an email.

    Within categories, when you are managing a receipt you can also export a whole category or individual receipts, rather than every receipt within a certain amount of time.


    Deleting receipts

    To delete your receipt data, simply press the ‘Delete all Receipts’ icon and confirm that you wish to delete all of your trips.

    Once you have confirmed the App will notify you that is has deleted all of your receipts successfully.

    If you haven’t yet got the app, click here to download for iPhone and click here to download for Android.


  • Posted On: April 10, 2017

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