Embrace Change

Working with an expert accountant to support your business or as a high net-worth individual or self-funded retiree is vital. An accountant should provide expert advice and strategies to maximise income, legitimately reduce tax and protect your assets.

Changing accountants is often perceived to be a daunting, time-consuming and costly exercise. This is simply not the case.

Changing accountants takes one phone call and one signature. MWM Advisory handles the rest, leaving you to focus wholly on your
business during the transition.

MWM Advisory has successfully transitioned dozens of accounts, usually to the bottom-line advantage of incoming clients.

But all too often we hear the same complaints from friends and contacts:

  • 〉 It’s impossible to get hold of my accountant’
  • 〉 ‘They don’t keep me informed’
  • 〉 ‘I don’t feel like I’m getting sound advice’
  • 〉 ‘I don’t properly understand tax planning, estate planning or compliance’
  • 〉 ‘I never know what their costs are going to be until I see a bill’

In response, MWM Advisory has developed some guidelines to assist you in minimising the challenges with changing your accountant.