Welcome to partnership Darren Chan

Hi Mate, sorry this has taken so long!

The ‘context’ (our favourite word) is, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down to finalise these words. Words that more than accurately reflect just how proud, and how thankful, I am of you. Words that aim to do justice to all the things you are and, these words that demonstrate our friendship.

I’ve tried just about every way to find the words. At the start of the day at sunrise, during a quiet mid-morning coffee, sitting on the pontoon at sunset, late at night back in the office, on a beach with sand between my toes, dictating, googling famous quotes and speeches, and I’ve even tried to do it after a few cold beers.

For those reading this who have been on the journey with us thus far, it’s kind of ironic don’t you think? Me, lost for words.

As someone once said ‘the best way to start, is to just start’. So here it goes…

It’s been a hell of a ride!

Who would have thought, two kids from a Gold Coast school ‘back in the day’, would cross paths some 11 years ago and end up here? It’s like it was meant to be!

Some may ask, here? Where is here?

I say, we go back to the start when we kicked things off, passionate to make a difference. I think the saying is ‘if it were easy everyone would do it’. In fact, there are a heap of sayings, but let’s just stick to that one.

There have been more than a few testing moments. Through all of that you have been there, day in, day out, no matter what.

The long days, the countless hours, the last-minute requests, the thankless requests. My, at times, ridiculous requests.

The art of business and in particular, the professional services game has only gotten harder, more urgent, more demanding, more technical and the list goes on.

We should know. We live and breathe it, not just for us, not just for our team, not just for our clients, but to make a difference. Make a difference?

As of today we act for a client base that represents those starting out in business with their first ABN through to private groups who turn over up to 100m per annum (and everything in between).
A client base whom collectively contributes to the Australian economy in excess of:
1. $400 million in revenue
2. 10,000 full time/part-time/casual/contractor roles; and
3. $300 million in residential/commercial/investment-based bank debt

Show up, never give up, be a pillar, fight for things worth fighting for, have patience, care, lead by example and ‘do the right thing’ are all phrases that can only start to describe your career. It’s been a privilege to watch it all grow and evolve first-hand.

In todays world, hard work, perseverance, and being a good human are all things that are more and more difficult to find, and they aren’t recognised enough!

That’s why, it is with great pleasure, that I can say ‘well done mate’ and ‘thank you’.

Welcome to partnership, Darren Chan.

JNM aka @thenotsoboringaccountant

Making accounting human again

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