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Give Back Day, Friday 17 December

Giving back to our community is a strong theme at MWM. As 2021 wound down towards Christmas, the MWM Advisory team stepped out of their comfort zone and into some work boots as a volunteer labour force for the Sanctuary Women Children and Pets Refuge, a project that is doing so much to help victims of domestic violence (DV) and their families, located on the Gold Coast.

In addition to providing Christmas gifts and a range of everyday items for guests, MWM organised and funded a number of projects to enhance the outdoor spaces within the refuge. Along with an ‘all hands on deck’ approach from our team, we also enlisted some assistance from a number of Gold Coast businesses, who generously contributed both products and labour on a very wet December day.

The combined donations of products, time and money from all contributors towards the Give Back Day worked out to be in excess of $35,000! 

The Sanctuary Women, Children and Pet’s Refuge

Sanctuary Women Children and Pets Refuge was created by Gold Coast social worker and abuse survivor Simone Patterson five and half years ago, following the violent death of Tara Brown at the hands of her partner, to help women escaping DV.

Simone and her husband took out a mortgage they couldn’t really afford to set up the Sanctuary Refuge, which is the only women’s DV crisis accommodation on the Gold Coast that takes boys over the age of 12 and also pets.

The aim being that women can leave violent relationships without the fear of having to leave their teenage boys and pets behind with their abusers.

The refuge has now provided a safe place for over 200 families since it opened its doors.

Order of Australia honours for Simone

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate Simone on her recent award of the Order of Australia. It’s a fantastic achievement and so well-deserved. Learn more –

Unfortunately, Sanctuary Refuge does not qualify for government funding, making it wholly dependent on the generosity of philanthropists, and fundraising efforts.

Volunteering at the Sanctuary

As our families, friends and clients know, MWM Advisory has always believed that businesses need to be socially responsible and active in the local community and the team regularly seek opportunities to participate in fundraising or volunteer opportunities.

MWM and our team individually support many local charities, donate equipment to local organisations and provide time and advice to a range of local, state and federal businesses and community groups.

The Sanctuary does more than offer a room for the night. Families can stay for up to three months and are given access to mental health professionals, counselling, and the tools they need to get a fresh start.

We would like to express our gratitude to each of the businesses below for their valuable contributions of products, time and money. Thanks for jumping on board!

Our thanks go to:

The team at Millennium Wealth

Bethany from Lil’Ohana

Howard and Lisa from Outdoor Furniture Online

The team at AMS Property Renovations

Palm Beach & Currumbin Landscape Supplies

Currumbin Garden Centre & Landscaping Supplies

Discount Fencing Supplies

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