FREE WEBINARs – Thursday at 2pm ‘Calculate your BREAK EVEN’ and this SUNDAY 2PM Myth Busting ALL THINGS STIMULUS

It’s been yet another chaotic week of news and information overload, whilst trying to run a business and figuring out ‘where to from here?’

Tomorrow at 2pm I will be running a 60 Minute Webinar on ‘Know your Numbers’ – The Secret Language of Your Business. 

Thursday 2nd April – In this FREE Webinar we will cover the following:

  1. Why your numbers are so important
  2. Financial reports and how to read them
  3. Is your business financially viable – HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR BREAK EVEN
  4. Using budgets and forecasts to control and improve your results
  5. Five ways to improve your Gross Profit
  6. Top Three strategies for improving your net profit
  7. How does the stimulus money fit into this?

NOTE: All registered users will receive a FREE WORKBOOK an hour before the Webinar.

Sunday at 2pm I will be running a 90 Minute Webinar (with Q&A) on Episode 3 ‘Myth Busting all things STIMULUS’. 

Sunday 5th April – This FREE webinar will be a more detailed dive into various stimulus measures at a State and Federal level, which currently includes:

  1. The JobKeeper payment of $750pw per Employee VS The JobSeeker payment of approx $550pw – what do we know so far – will it go 6 months or longer?
  2. The Cashflow Boost for Employers which could mean $100,000 in your business  – how do I handle my March BAS (thinking of lodging prior? Hold off till after this
  3. Creditor Statutory Demands/Trading Insolvent for 6 months/What to do as a Landlord or Tenant
  4. Accelerated Depreciation – is it really worth buying that extra equipment?
  5. Appreciate/Trainee Support – lets help keep apprentices going!
  6. Backing Business Investment (Federal)  – to loan or not to loan – that is the question….;
  7. Job Support Loans the 250k on offer from the QLD Government – who/what/where/when/how/why
  8. State based Payroll tax and Land Tax – what is it, can I get it refunded and what will happen with the future;
  9. Loan deferrals with all banks – What is the plan Stan?
  10. And who knows what else will come up between now and then!!

Our Sunday session will demonstrate that there are a myriad of things to consider and it’s a constantly evolving space – so we must stay agile, stay nimble, stay positive and take the time to do a STOCKTAKE ON LIFE. 

Make sure to bring your beer, wine, champagne, tea, coffee, protein shake or double shot almond and soy chai macchiato along!

NOTE: All registered users will receive a FREE WORKBOOK an hour before the Webinar.

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