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I hope this finds you, your family, and your team in good health and in good spirits.

With a bit of a luck, the cheeky heading (sorry there is no free beer or champagne just yet…), coupled with a brand you know and trust, results in grabbing your attention.

These times we are living through are decade (if not century) defining. 

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As the current situation unfolds, it has become increasingly clear for me that there is a long list of DO’S and DONT’S that we all need to consider as we navigate the challenges ahead and take those important next steps.

Now, more than ever, cool heads must prevail and we must adopt a ‘measure twice and cut once’ approach to the decisions we must make.

The raft of measures that have already been introduced at local, state and federal levels are still being worked through and there is more in the pipeline too. 

It is my belief that these all need to be thought through and managed with a thoroughly holistic approach.

This Sunday at 2pm (AEST) I will be holding another live Webinar to discuss what the plan is from here in my humble view. We will also be streaming  this event live on Facebook, if you’d prefer to tune in on socials. So don’t miss it!

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>>> Catch our Free Webinar Sunday 29 March at 2PM (AEST) <<<

Resources for Sunday’s Webinar session

  1. MWM – JNM points from Sunday webinar 22.03.30
  2. MWM Library
  3. Guide to creating a Business Plan
  4. Business plan template
  5. Business Plan – Template

Broadly speaking the plan is broken into:

  1. What we need to do in the next two weeks
    – What is my cash burn rate?
    – What is my break even?
    – What’s needed to keep the doors open at an absolute minimum over the next weeks and months?
  2. What is the go with government stimulus packages at a the Local, State and Federal level – and what does or doesn’t apply to me?
  3. What are my opportunities?
  4. What options are on the table post 30 June for even more tax refunds?
  5. Navigating opportunities for restructure with creditors and landlords when considering the new insolvent trading and statutory demand provisions?
  6. Is the eject button right for me?
  7. What about my team?
  8. What is the Government backed 250K Term Deposit Guarantee?
  9. What does rebuilding look like in leadership and business?
  10. Let’s take a look in the rear view mirror, reflect and take stock of what’s happened in all of the major areas of your life.

>>> Catch our Free Webinar Sunday 29 March at 2PM (AEST) <<<

Consider this…

Today, I have put a strategy in play with a client, which has taken them from believing they will have a 100K hole in their accounts over the next five months, to actually being cashflow positive to the tune of 350K.

The key is to check in and communicate with your MWM Advisory team, even if it is for just 15 minutes.

In addition to the above, our team here at MWM have been frantically working through our entire client list to help categorise what, where, when and how this applies to you.

Whilst on a team note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the amazing MWM Family for pulling together for each other, our clients and our own families!  This truly defines MWM’s kick arse culture!

As a final point I would like to leave you with some inspiration. I personally have been a long term subscriber to the great Ken Blanchard (the GodFather of Management).  He says at times like this great Leaders are Bearers of Hope.

Follow the link and in particular at 02:45 =

Folks, its time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

It really is time to lean into it…

Big ups and best wishes!


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