Energy tips and vitamin shots for your business and FREE Webinar

We believe businesses are an extension of their owners, a reflection of their dreams and desires. As a business owner you put everything on the line to make the business work.

At MWM we are confident that we can provide crucial advice and support for business owners and are determined to face this global business challenge with you.

We have learned that withstanding the tough times sets business resilience to a new level, so it can bounce back in a positive way in the future.

When the world around you appears to be panicking it can be hard to think straight and focus on the priorities, so at MWM we are working on creating a Continuity Plan for businesses that we would like to share with you and tailor to your needs.

There are 7 key areas you need to consider immediately to provide a much needed energy and vitamin boost for your business

1. Cash Flow – preserve cash at all costs. You must immediately start building a cash “war chest” for your business to survive.

2. Protection of your Assets – including personal assets like your family home.

3. Banks and Funding – do you need an additional line of credit?

4. Management Team Planning – share the plan and spread the load.

5. Your Employees – talk openly and keep positive about alternative working options.

6. Customers and Suppliers – it’s “business as usual” where possible and you need to be able to communicate this message in a positive way so you can rely on your suppliers.

7. Mental Health Support – We all respond differently to life’s challenges; make sure you and your employees know where to get help when it is needed

This weekend MWM is hosting a FREE ‘Sunday session’ Web event with our Director, James Marshall.

James will detail some of the measures you can use now for the continuity of your business and to protect the health of your employees and customers.

Register below for your place and download the MWM Business Continuity Plan

It’s time to get comfortable being uncomfortable!

Sunday 22nd March – 2.30pm (Gold Coast)

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