How to avoid a login crisis when you change phones

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Like it or not your mobile phone is akin to a set of keys – if you lose it or it becomes damaged you may find yourself ‘locked out’ of some business-critical applications such as Xero, MYOB, MyGov, MyGov ID, and banking apps.

Apps like these often require a one-time pin or have a two-step authentication set up to access software or logins. These extra steps are absolutely essential to ensure the security of your data and most people have successfully mastered the setup and use of these effective tools.
Everything seems to be running smoothly until the inevitable crisis point when your phone needs replacing.

If your old phone was smart enough you will find it reasonably easy to get your contact list back, restore emails or maybe even maintain your level in a favourite online game.

It is not until you try to get into Xero or another form of critical business software to process pays for staff or fire off invoices to collect hard earned money, that you find yourself unable to complete two-step authentication.

The three scenarios for regaining access to most accounting platforms go like this:

Option #1 – Your old phone remains with you so you can use the original authenticator to get a code to access your software. Then you can run through the process of moving that authentication code generator app to your new phone. With a simple reset, happy days!

Option #2 – You don’t have your old phone as it was lost, broken or won’t turn on. Now you have to access your software without the assistance of the code. Usually you will be required to recall information you gave on set up such as an alternative email or some security questions. Once you have access to the software you can set up the authenticator on your new phone. If you remember these details, you are a superstar and don’t need to read further.

Option #3 – You have no phone and cannot recall your security information, we call this worst case scenario. But don’t fret, you can get in touch with the helpdesk for your respective software to resolve this issue.

It’s worth noting that you can save yourself from stress down the track by doing some emergency planning now to avoid the dreaded option #3.

Next time you access your software, update your security information and record your answers in a secure place (ideally not a post-it note stuck to your phone). It’s a simple method but saves you pain in the long run.

As always, if you need any assistance, please contact us at MWM Advisory and we will be happy to help!

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