Do you want a better understanding of your business numbers?

MWM Advisory - CFO for a Day

Numbers are the language of a business. They show what’s working and what’s not. But too many business owners don’t understand their numbers and find them complicated and confusing.

If numbers are a language then a Chief Financial Officer is the translator. The CFO can understand the meaning behind the numbers and their context.

While all CFOs report on numbers and look after the current accounts, what separates the good from the great is their ability to forecast and provide advice for the business based on their sage considerations.

As a business owner, you want strong financial leadership in your business, but hiring a full-time CFO may be out of reach.

That’s why we’ve developed the MWM Advisory – ‘CFO for the Day’ service, so you can:

  • – Experience cost effective financial leadership in your business from one of our experienced Managers
  • – Get a chance to ask a financial expert all those questions that keep you awake at night

What does your CFO for a Day Service include?

This service is designed to go beyond your annual compliance and tax work. It’s your opportunity to spend a day with a financial expert and ask these sort of questions about your business numbers:

  • – How can I easily see which customers owe me money or which suppliers I have to pay?
  • – How can I manage my stock better so I know how much I’ve got and where it is?
  • – How do I know if I’m paying my staff the right amounts?
  • – How can I tell how much my business has earned each month?
  • – Is my business earning what it should be compared to other businesses?
  • – I’m making a profit but there’s no money in my bank, where has it gone? How can I manage my cash better?
  • – How do I know if my bookkeeping is up to date? Am I using the best accounting software for my business?
  • – What is a budget? Do I need one? What is break-even? How do I find out what my break-even is?

Answers to these questions will give you a better understanding of your business numbers so you can improve your profits, cash flow and financial position.

What is the one thing you’d like to better understand about your business numbers?

Your investment

Your fixed price investment in this service is $1,320 including GST and it comes with a money back guarantee in the unlikely event that you don’t get value out of this service.

To find out more or to book your CFO for the Day Service, call 07 5596 9070.

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