How to kick-start your business’ growth

As a business owner, you wear many hats – often on a daily basis.

You’re the general manager, marketing manager, entrepreneur and financial controller.

You oversee a number of different departments, with duties ranging from the very large (decisions and strategies) to the very small (paying your office water bill).

As your organisation grows, you hire people with expertise in these different fields, reducing the burden on you personally.

But as the business owner, it’s still your job to manage these people and keep your finger on the pulse on what’s happening within your organisation.

And a business owner who operates with their eyes wide open – on all aspects of their business – operates with a huge advantage.

This is where business planning becomes essential. Without a plan in place, you’ll never be able to juggle the many roles you play as business owner.

A detailed evaluation of your business and personal life – including an in-depth look at your goals and potential – will provide a road map for the future.

Things can change quickly in business, and business owners need to be prepared for any eventuality – and be able to adapt quickly.

That’s why we’ve created the KickStart program. It’s a must for anyone in business and helps business owners strategically achieve their goals.

The reason we created the program is because we want to help business owners do things better.

Technology in the accounting space has evolved considerably over the past few years, enabling business owners to operate more efficiently and get better results.

The KickStart program has been developed to save you time and money, and to allow you to make better, more informed decisions about your business.

It provides you with a framework for success, starting with an in-depth look at your current financial structure to ensure it effectively minimises tax and protects your assets.

We’ll also make sure you’re compliant with legislation, protected from business risks and perform a review of your accounting software.

We will ensure your financials are correct, prepare budgets and forecasts, and train you on what they mean so you can make better business decisions.

The KickStart program provides you with a business and personal plan, broken down into actionable steps to work towards your goals.

You can operate your business more efficiently and more successfully with an advisor on your side, while saving time, effort and money.

If you want to start operating with an advantage and have access to a wide range of service to help you grow, the KickStart program is for you.

Find out how you and your business can benefit. Call MWM Advisory on 07 5596 9070 today.

Celebrate the End of Financial Year with your team and ours

Celebrate the End of Financial Year with your team and ours

The End of Financial Year (EOFY) is upon us. For business owners, like you and I, there are many moving parts to be aware of. There are yearly financial statements to create, taxes to pay, deductions to claim, and documentation to submit to the ATO.

30 June is coming – what’s your game plan?

30 June is coming – what’s your game plan?

End of Financial Year Tax Planning. While Covid-19 and the uncertain business landscape it created made planning difficult, what we can say with certainty at MWM is that in our experience those who had a plan have navigated the past two years more successfully than those who didn’t.