Workplace trends for 2016

No matter the size of your business (trends seen in the largest companies should be championed by the smallest), all enterprises need to be in touch on workplace trends to ensure they are up-to-date with the most in-demand skills.

Below is MWM Advisory’s guide to the top workplace trends for 2016:


Flexible working arrangements remain a focus for many businesses, driven by employees seeking greater work-life balance.

While working from home doesn’t suit everyone, office spaces themselves are changing to accommodate flexibility including ‘hot desks’ or collaborative workspaces.

To maximise productivity, 2016’s managers need to be dynamic and forward thinking to address employees’ needs.

At MWM, we encourage our staff to take advantage of flexible working hours to better accommodate their home life and work balance.


Employers are encouraging co-mentoring between staff of different generations, departments and skillsets to encouraging growth and learning.

For example, senior staff who have a wealth of knowledge are being paired with younger staff with technological know-how in a co-learning/mentoring relationship.

This also flattens corporate hierarchies and empowers employees to grow and succeed.

Wellness technology

In 2016, technology drives not just business processes, but office design and infrastructure.

Staff want to move around an office freely and not be confined to a cubicle. They also expect to access work from wherever they are and because of this, the use of cloud-based technology continues to rise.

Employees want to work together to achieve goals. Workplaces that incorporate a collaborative design and working environment will attract employees, develop a stronger culture and increase productivity.

A culture in the workplace that promotes health and wellness is also important.

Things like access to healthy food, stand up desks and green spaces encourage a healthy outlook in the workplace.

At MWM, we encourage staff to make the most of the communal lunchroom, the fully equipped kitchen and to go for regular walks throughout the day.

Regular feedback

Instead of annual performance reviews, businesses should be offering their employees ongoing feedback.

This focus on faster feedback should be regarded as a way of teaching and motivating staff.

For many years, the duration an employee may stay in the same job has shrunk and this tighter cycle of feedback and review is reflective of that trend.

These four workplace trends can be applied to any business, no matter the size. And happier employees will always produce a better business culture, increased motivation and greater productivity.

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