Client Newsletter – November 2014

Welcome to our November newsletter, packed again with analysis on a range of taxation and reporting issues relevant to businesses and individuals.

This month we drill into current topics including:

  • 〉 The potential tax implications of Airbnb. It’s wildly popular and growing each day, but behind the attractive website and cheap holiday accommodation, Airbnb is a web of uncertain terms and loosely defined rental agreements. This month we tell you what you need to know.
  • 〉 The Australian Tax Office’s Project DO IT amnesty closes December 19. MWM director Mel Wear discussed this very issue with Gold Coast Bulletin business editor Jenny Rogers in a November 1 article for the Bully’s business section. Short version: the door is fast closing on the ATO’s current amnesty on undeclared foreign income and assets. MWM Advisory can help prepare the complex Project DO IT submission; contact us today for a confidential discussion.
  • 〉 Common mistakes and misconceptions around travel allowance. It’s a growing – but often overlooked area – as staffing requirements become more flexible and fluid. Its up to employers to get this right; this month we step you through the tricks and traps.

Please pick up the phone if you want to talk through turning anything in the newsletter to your advantage. As usual, we’re here to help.


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